Toys for Children with Special Needs



What to consider when choosing a toy

When considering buying an educational toy for a child with special needs it is important to identify the playing capability and child’s needs. My suggestions would be to consider the skills that a toy can help a child improve or develop.

Is there something specific you would like a toy to help a child with? Such as helping with biting, coordination, fine motor, mood attention, sensory or speech.

Biting when it comes to biting necklace for boys and girls can help reduce Biting and Fidgeting

Coordination If its coordination that you would like a child to improve, based on my research a lot of children find Sit and Spin and Spin Disk helpful when it comes to improving balance, coordination, spatial awareness, and sensory stimulation.

Fine motor When it comes to improving fine motor skills few of my favorites are Bead Sequencing set and Peg Boards which are great for children to improve their fine motor skills. While playing with Bead Sequencing children are encouraged to work on their fine motor skills along with learning about colors, patterns, and sorting by shape and color.

Mood and Attention toys such as Tangle Relax is a great sensory toy for relaxation, focus, and fine motor development.   

Sensory Indoor Therapy Snuggle Swing is great Sensory Integration. Snap and Click Fidget Toys are also great sensory toys.

B06XKW16B3B0050QJTBASpeech and Language toys such as blocks, pegs, and stacking cups are great speech & language toys because they encourage turn taking, social interaction, and collaboration.
Mr. Potato Head can be fun, entertaining, and educational. It provides kids with opportunities to learn body parts, emotions, pronouns. Also, Little People Caring for Animals Farm Playset is perfect for pretend play and language development.

Some children need toys that provide a calming, soothing experience, while others might need to avoid harsh noises and sensory output. some of the Developmental and Sensory Toys are:

Edushape Easy Grip Soft Foam Sensory Puzzle Blocks, 18 PieceB07H42492VB0178J7KY4

  • Pettit College, Feelings Book can help teach a child a range of emotions from sad to shy.
  • Edushape blocks can help children be creative with these soft foam blocks that are easy to grip. The texture, softness, and shape of Edushape blocks are great for children with special sensory needs. Playing with blocks will help with gross motor skills as well as improves a child’s spatial, logical, and reasoning skills.
  • Squigz is great for kids that need help focusing on fine motor skills. Squigz is also great to encourage interaction, creativity, and provide relaxation and sensory stimulation.
  • The Chubuddy Necklaces are great for kids that need oral stimulation. These necklaces are made from lead and latex free high-quality materials.
  • Sensory Rollers are great to help child relieve stress and tension as well as boost concentration. The Simpl Dimpl is the perfect quiet but stimulating fidget that provides perioperceptive input without being overwhelming
  • Skoolzy Lacing Beads can help develop fine motor skills which can also be used to teach colors, shapes, and counting.

Above are just some of the toys that I thought would be helpful to consider when trying to find a perfect toy.