Easter Baskets Ideas for Kids

Easter is approaching

You might be thinking what to get for kids? Should it be a basket filled with candy? Should it include toys and candy? Luckily we have Pinterest to get some ideas which are great, but one can get overwhelmed with all the ideas and possibilities. Believe me, I would know. So I decided to put a list together of some ideas that I am thinking of doing this year for my kids. I know kids love their candy so I will include some candy as well as some items from the list below.


Easter Basket stuffers to consider besides candy  

People are being very creative nowadays. They are using all sort of things to place gifts its not just traditional baskets. As I mentioned earlier I love my Pinterest and here are some ideas that I thought were unique.

Rain Boot Basket – filled with toys and candy

Beach bucket or bag – filled with a towel, sand toys, swimsuit, and sunglasses.

Dump Truck-filed with candy

Sports Bag – Filled with want ever sport child might be in to. It could be a soccer ball, water bottle.

Hat Baskets-filled with whatever the child likes. For girls, it could be hair bows, brush, nail polish. For boys, it could be a baseball cap, card games, flashlight, tickets to such as baseball game, K’Nex, etc.

Football or Baseball Helmet – fill with shirt, cup, socks.

Pop Corn Container – fill with a gift card, candy, popcorn. Perfect for older kids.

Be Creative and enjoy making those fun Easter baskets or not baskets. Remember it is supposed to be fun, not stressful on you or your wallet.

4 thoughts on “Easter Baskets Ideas for Kids

  1. I was thinking about what to get for my Goddaughter who is two, what a an inspirational list to draw from! Will definitely help to make her Easter, thank you very much!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I am happy you found my post helpful that was my intent to provide readers with some ideas for Easter baskets.

  2. WOW, what great suggestions for Easter Baskets. I know it will be helpful for anyone looking for some help with what to purchase for the little ones.
    Take good care!

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